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Jun 02 2010

Are you our Sub?

I’ve been sort of frantic the last few days, preparing for my impending move some 1,200 miles across the country. Packing becomes the easy part when I look at the tall stack of TFA pre-institute materials and Praxis study guides that I should probably be focusing even more of my time & energy on.

I’ve been moving more deeply into the pre-institute work. I think that it becomes really redundant at parts and I swear that they have copied & pasted entire sections of texts at some parts. But, for the most part, it’s easy reading and I know that completing all of it will prepare me that much more for beginning teaching.

Following the end of the third and eighth (final) units of the pre-institute work, it is suggested that we conduct classroom observations at local public schools. I was able to complete observations in two high school science classrooms this morning. The first classroom wasn’t extremely helpful for me: it was a class of seniors who begin finals next week and right now, seemed more focused on getting their yearbooks signed than making more progress in Academic Physics. Nevertheless, it was great to be inside a classroom — having spent most of my school years outside of the classroom and at home, it is an environment that I’m not entirely familiar with. The second classroom, this time, ninth graders studying circuits, was much better. The teacher was very confident in presenting her objective for the day and connecting it to the other goals the students were working towards in the final week of their quarter. She kept the students focused and engaged, and overall, I felt that watching her for one 40 minute period, I was able to pick up on a few techniques she used to accomplish this.

The funniest part was — as the students filed into the classroom before the bell rang, the teacher stepped out to check on something down the hall. One boy came in, looked pointedly at me and asked, “Are you our sub?!”

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